Q: Do I need to file a federal tax return?

A: Every situation is different. Use this link that will direct you to the IRS website. The website lists several circumstances that will require you to file a return.  

Q: Where’s my refund?

A: To check the status of your Federal return, click here. A: To check the status of your Oregon return, click here.  

Q: What web portal do your use to send and share documents online?

A: We use Google Drive. This is a secure drive that only approved people have access to (you and I). The best part about using Google Drive is that if you have a Google account (Gmail account) you already have one set up!  

Q: How do I access the Google Drive folder you have created for me?

A: Use the Google Drive link on the Resources page to access the drive. If you have a Gmail, simply enter your normal login (you may already be logged in). If you do not yet have a login, use the same link and click “Create an account” and follow their instructions from there. Once you have created an account, send me your new Gmail account and I will send you a link to access your your folder.  

Q: Is Google Drive a secure website to use online?

A: Google Drive is as secure of a website as any out there. Remember, we are responsible to the Oregon State Board of Accountancy to make sure that all information remains secure and confidential for our clients. With that said, we have put together a Google document that covers everything you might want to know about Google and their services. Please visit the Resources page and click on the Google Security link.  

Q: Is there a way for you to access my QuickBooks business account without using QuickBooks online?

A: Yes. We can access your QuickBooks on your computer remotely using Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop. You must first download the application, which is quick and easy. Information about the application and how to download are available on the Resources page on our website.  

Q: What is Google Chrome Remote Desktop?

A: Chrome Remote Desktop is an application we use to log in to your computer from our office. If you are familiar with GoToMyPC or JoinMe, it works just the same. For more information see our Resources page.