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“As the owner and manager of a busy yoga studio in Old Town Sherwood, I need squeaky clean books but don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to do it myself. Besides, I have payroll, employment taxes, multiple tax returns and a host of other things that are far beyond my education and expertise. I have always hired professional financial help, and always had problems, mistakes, and never had anyone really explain to me what was going on or find the answers to my situation specific questions. Until I met Taylor! Taylor handles all my small business financial needs from bookkeeping to payroll to tax preparation. He cleaned up the messes from having so many others involved in the past and it is SO seamless to have one person keeping track from beginning to end of my business’ $$ life cycle. Taylor is extremely detail oriented and follows up on details I would never have been aware of. He is patient in explaining concepts and procedures to me so that I can plan and process, and he stays abreast of the financial calendar and keeps me from getting behind or running up against last-minute deadlines. I would recommend Taylor to anyone who needs someone they can trust to take care of the financial needs of your business so that you can focus on your business and have more financial peace of mind.”

Escape to Yoga – In reference to our Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping an Payroll Services.


“I couldn’t have asked for better help! Taylor took the time to chat with me and help me with my taxes every step of the way. I had gone to a couple different places for taxes and I felt like they were rushing through it to get me out of their office. Taylor sat me down and went over each aspect of his process thoroughly so I understood what he was doing and what he was getting back for me. I have never been the best with numbers but with Taylor’s number crunching ability and attention to detail, he made it extremely easy to understand and way less overwhelming!

Taylor also does payroll and bookkeeping for my brothers business and doesn’t miss a beat. Handling the day-to-day records, bills and dealing with the process of paying employees can be stressful, but Taylor knocks it out with no issues and in a timely fashion. His ability to stay on top of everything with my brothers business and keep things organized just goes to show the pride he takes in making sure the business runs smoothly.

I have no issue giving Taylor 5 stars and I highly recommend him and his business. Like I said before, his attention to detail, organization and stellar work ethic makes him second to none in my book. I will continue to use Taylor for all my tax purposes and I know my brother will continue to use Taylor for bookkeeping and payroll. If you are an individual in need of a tax consultant or a small business on your way to success make sure you call Hill Tax, Payroll, Bookkeeping, you will not be disappointed!”

Ryan – In reference to our  Tax PreparationBookkeeping and Payroll Services


“Extremely thorough and professional service. Excellent knowledge and understanding of the US tax rules. Very solid knowledge of payroll and bookkeeping best practices and processes, which has made Hill Tax, Payroll and Bookkeeping an extremely valuable service for us.”

Cliff – Owner of NW Premium Products – In reference to our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.


 “I have been working Taylor Hill at Hill Tax, Consulting & Financial Services for about a year now and cannot be more pleased. Initially thinking this might be cost prohibitive, I have found the relief of having accurate payroll records and tax filings have made my business so much easier to run.  [Now I] concern myself with the things I’m good at and leave payroll to Taylor. Highly recommended!”

Bill – Owner of BDAppraisal Group – Payroll Services


“Taylor has been a pleasure to work with. He is very informative and answers all of my questions! I own a wax studio and he helps keep track of all my money coming in and out and gives me the best advice on saving and making more money. He works with me even when I live all the way in Texas. I highly recommend him to everyone!”

Brittany – Owner of Diva Wax Studios – In reference to our  Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation services


“Taylor is extremely professional, knowledgeable, reliable and prompt with his services. He has worked with us and excelled at his job. We are always assured we can go to him with any question and receive the most helpful answers. For anyone looking for an accountant, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND him for all your tax and accounting needs!”

Johnny – In reference to our  Tax Preparation services


“Love Taylor’s little hints & tips”

Krystal – In reference to our business Facebook Page


“Taylor has done my accounting for years now for several of my companies and goes the extra mile.”

Spencer – In reference to our  Bookkeeping and Payroll Services


“Taylor is awesome! He’s always quick to respond to concerns and questions. Everything from tax preparation to planning for our future tax changes. He’s our go-to guy. So glad we found someone in Sherwood!”

Shannon – In reference to our  Tax Preparation services


I have used HILL tax service for the last two years and I’m very pleased I would recommend him to anyone who needs good consulting and tax advice”

Rodney – In reference to our  Tax Preparation services


“Knowledgeable and friendly! ?”

Adam – In reference to our Accounting services


“He’s awesome”

Eric – In reference to our  Tax Preparation services