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Have you ever wondered why some people consider themselves bookkeepers and some accountants? In my opinion, there is significant difference between the two and it’s important for you to know what you are getting FOR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.


A BOOKKEEPER will record your basic accounting transactions into QuickBooks and categorize them to the right income or expense category, not a problem.


A SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTANT will adjust those same transactions to fit your method of accounting (whether accrual or cash basis) to reflect a MORE ACCURATE Profit & Loss and balance sheet.


A BOOKKEEPER will tie your payroll transactions to whatever payroll accounts are preset in your Chart of Accounts.


A SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTANT will create sub-categories for your payroll expenses, as well as Liability Accounts to track your payroll expenses (and other expenses i.e. prepaid insurance, sales tax, etc.) to ensure they are PAID ON TIME.


A BOOKKEEPER can pull financial statements like your profit and loss and your balance sheet.


A SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTANT can identify reports that are MORE RELEVANT to your industry, so you can analyze your income and spending to help make BETTER BUSINESS DECISIONS and IDENTIFY AREAS TO SAVE MONEY or MAKE MORE MONEY.


Those are just a few examples of differences between a bookkeeper and a SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTANT.


With that said, HIRE ME to be your SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTANT and I will do more than just your bookkeeping, I will help you MINIMIZE YOUR COSTS, INCREASE YOUR MARGINS and HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW.




Taylor Hill


Licensed Tax Consultant (35289-C)


Small Business Accountant