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Since we have entered into a new year, I wanted to touch base on the topic of “Reimbursable Expenses” for employees. There may be times that you must reimburse and employee for expenses that they have incurred for travel, meals

2017 Payroll Updates: Oregon Employers

BUSINESS OWNERS WITH PAYROLL: Oregon’s New Paystub Bill has been signed by the governor and is effective as of 1/1/2017. 2017 Payroll Updates The following 2017 payroll updates and changes are what must be provided. Date of Payment/dates of work

Sherwood Payroll – 2017 UPDATES: SUI Rate (SUI)

EMPLOYERS If you live in Oregon, you should be getting a letter in the mail from the State of Oregon Employment Department. Within that letter it will have a title “NOTICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE (UI) TAX RATE”. Please click the

Filling out your W4

When filling out a W4, what is the best option for someone who is married, and both spouses work, they own a home, and pay student loans. There isn’t necessarily a “best” option. Claiming exempt means they will not take