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Oregon’s New Paystub Bill has been signed by the governor and is effective as of 1/1/2017.


2017 Payroll Updates


The following 2017 payroll updates and changes are what must be provided.


Date of Payment/dates of work covered by the payment

Name of the employee

Employer’s name, business registry number or BIN

Address and telephone number of the employer

The rate or rates of pay

Whether the employee is paid by the hour, shift, day or week or on a salary, piece or commission basis

Employee’s gross and net wages for the pay period•Amount and purpose of each deduction made during the respective period of service that the payment covers

Allowances, if any, claims as a part of minimum wage

For non-exempt employees, the regular hourly rate or rates of pay, the overtime rate or rates of pay, the number of regular hours worked an pay for those hours, and the number of overtime hours worked and pay for those hours.

For employers providing electronic paystubs you must expressly agree to receive the electronic statement and the employee must have the ability to print the statement at the time of receipt. Employees must sign a form that authorizes the electronic dissemination of the paystub.

Time and pay records must also be retained for three years after the date of termination, and such records must now be provided to the employee for inspection (whether post-termination or while still employed) upon request.

Record keeping is a vital part of your payroll processes. This is a complimentary service we provide for ALL of our clients. Please ask your payroll specialist or contact us for more information on your 2017 Payroll Updates.


Taylor Hill

Licensed Tax Consultant (35289-C)