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Should I expect a W-2?

I worked a couple of events for a company last year, didn’t make a very much money with them, should I expect a W-2? If you were contracted work, you are only due a 1099 if you make over $600

Childcare Credit

Expenses for a child in nursery school, preschool, or similar programs for children below the level of kindergarten are expenses for care. You can claim this credit up to $3,000 for one child, or $6,000 for two or more. This

Miscellaneous Deductions: Deducting your home computer

Did you know you can deduct the depreciation on your HOME COMPUTER? The only way you are able to deduct this as a miscellaneous expense is if you use your computer to produce income (for example, to manage your investments

College Savings for you Children: Qualified Tuition Program (QTP)

Here is a simple college savings program set up by the government for your kids. Basically, you can either prepay or contribute to an account established to for paying a students qualified education expenses. There is no limit on the

Miscellaneous Deductions: Buying clothes for work

For those of you who buy work clothes and are wondering if it’s a write off on your taxes, here are the qualifications it must meet to be a deduction: 1. You must wear them as a condition of your

Mileage Deductions

You deduct the following amounts for your miles driven: Business – $0.565 per mile Medical – $0.24 per mile Charity – $0.14 per mile If you take a mileage deduction for business, you are choosing that INSTEAD of adding up